Installing Tigase Jabber Server using console installer

Couple of months ago I installed Tigase server on my laptop and it was working beautifully until this morning.? I’ve installed quite a few major OS updates on my laptop since then and I must’ve done something to upset Tigase.? I visited?Tigase Website?to download a fresh copy of the server and see what the command is to install it using console.? The Website seems to be in the middle of some sort of upgrade and many links appear to be broken.? Thanks to Google cached search results I managed to find what I wanted.

Here’s the magic command to install Tigase using consile installer:

java -jar nameOfTheDownloadedJarFile.jar -console

and follow the prompts. It’s pretty simple, but my brain refuses to memorise it.

By the way, I was getting the following error when I started the server:

etc/tigase.xml: line 1: syntax error near unexpected token `newline'
etc/tigase.xml: line 1: ``
JAVA_HOME is not set.

tigase.xml is identical to the one on our staging server which works perfectly. And my JAVA_HOME is definitely set in tigase.conf. I’ve also noticed that Tigase likes to insert some whitespace in tigase.xml file upon every startup on a Mac. I’ve got the feeling that this is what’s causing the server to eventually barf. I could be wrong though.

UPDATE:?Tigase Website, is back online and installation instructions can be found?here.
You can download Tigase server from?Tigase Website.