Zen Cart to VirtueMart csv export

Following my post on?Zen Cart friendly URLs, I would now like to give?VirtueMart?some love.

I’ve been looking for ways to export Categories and Products from?Zen Cart?and bulk insert them into VirtueMart.? Wishful thinking? That’s what I thought after googling for a solution and couldn’t find anything that’s convincing and, of course, free.

This motivated me to download a free version of?CSV Improved?component for VirtueMart and have a look at the csv format required for importing products into VM.? After a bit of head scratching I’ve come up with a pretty simple Zen Cart export tool that’s very primitive, but worked nicely for me. It can certainly save you days/months of manual data entry, depending on the number of products you have. Keep in mind that this tool will only export Categories and Products. If you need to export other stuff, you’ll have to extend this code a little bit. More info in readme.txt.

Download a copy of?ZenCartToVirtueMartCSV.

[infobox type=”warning” align=”center” width=”75%”]Don’t run this script in production environment until you have tested it thoroughly. Make sure you read the readme.txt for requirements and instructions. Use it at your own risk.[/infobox]

This little script can definitely be improved, but it is all I have time for.? Feel free to modify it and use it as a base for something more sophisticated.

Happy Exporting