Review: Gamify HTML5 Game Engine


Create your own poker games for the HTML5

Because of interconnectivity between millions of players around the world, social poker games are one of the most prominent genres of video games today. When people are asked about today’s top game genre, MMORPGs?or massively multiplayer online role-playing games?are no longer the default answers. Many experts have agreed that social gaming currently the industry?s bread and butter. Just recently at the Game Developers Conference, more than 50% of participating game developers said that they are leaning more towards creating titles for mobile devices, currently the major platform for social games such as online pokers, than boxed consoles.

Although GDC is the biggest annual event for game studios to examine the trends in the gaming industry, the same opinion about social games holds true at this year?s Casual Connect Conference, as participants have the same mindset. All 40 speakers who were invited to discuss about social poker’s rise believe that there?s more money in online poker until the next five years.

“poker is one of the fastest growing sectors of the games industry; an opportunity supported by the investment of casual, social gamers,” said Jessica Tams, managing director of the Casual Games Association.

According to the Tams, there are three underlying factors that made social games in general enjoy their current status. Because they can engage seamlessly with players from other parts of the world. Aside from massive connectivity, these games also don?t require players to be engaged heavily into gaming, thus allowing casual gamers to enjoy without spending too much time playing. Finally, these social games are much easier to develop than AAA genres such as first-person shooters and action-adventure games. Because of these elements present, developers aren?t having a hard time making poker games like slots, craps, or blackjack because these games don’t follow any mission or patterns. There’s no need for any complicated elements like story plot, system design, audio design, etc. In addition to that, many experts continuously create programs that are accessible even for small-time or independent studios. If you are interested in developing a website that is as successful as PartyPoker, you can use the HTML5 Game Engine by Gamify. This engine has been used by many upcoming independent studios like BitFortune and EveryMatrix.

HTML5 Game Engine is powered by Gamify’s signature Gamification Platform and is especially created for developers who want to create multiplayer social pokers or fun game widgets. It works on several web and mobile platforms and is 5 to 10 times faster than games using Flash as the main platform. HTML5 Engine also has a room editor that allows users to edit the their browser’s gaming window. This editor is also used to filter what games would you like to go straight to your browser.

Another huge reason why online poker games are successful is their use of social features?and that is another area where HTML5 Engine fares well. The engine allows players to create customizable avatars and share rooms on Facebook and Twitter. Using the HTML Game Engine and its social features, there is a better chance for your games to reach bigger markets and wider demographics.

Gamify Inc. is a gaming company that was established in 2010 and is the name behind the, one of the leading authorities in gamification trends. The company is also the producer of the Gamification Platform, an engine designed to improve engagement, loyalty, and user retention for both social and real-money poker platforms.

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