Flex and Red5 simple demo

I’ve been using?Red5 Flash Streaming Server?for a while and the more I use it, the better I like it.? Sure,?Adobe Flash Media Server?is an excellent commercial product which does the same thing and supports server-side ActionScript.? Red5 doesn’t support server-side ActionScript at the moment (this will probably change), but it is an open source Flash server and with a little bit of Java knowledge you can achieve the same result and possibly more.

The following example shows how to display the total number of subscribers that are currently connected to this simple Flex application.? If you open this blog page in multiple browser windows, the number should increase. The reverse will happen when you close browser windows.? This will obviously also depend on the number of other clients connected to the app, but because this is such a “high traffic” blog you probably won’t have to worry about that 🙂


If you are interested, take a look at?Red5 server documentation.

UPDATE 18/AUG/2010
It only took me 8 months to update this post. Take a look at my latest post -?Customise Red5 applications and broadcast messages to Flex HOWTO, for some code examples.